About Us

Vantage Knowledge Systems™ provides coaching, training, workshops, webinars, key-note speeches, seminars and publications to advance the success of anyone involved in Commercial Real Estate, including owners, investors, managers, agents and occupiers.

Our programs can be customized to to meet a specific audience or objective and they are designed to significantly shorten the learning curve by providing advanced knowledge based on global best practices.

Our live learning has been presented at colleges, corporate retreats, industry events and one on one with presentations throughout Canada, the USA, Mexico, South America, Asia and the Middle East. We also have a number of online courses you can take when it is convenient for you.

We welcome the opportunity to develop a customized program for your organization. The easiest way to start is to contact us by clicking HERE.

Publications and training programs can also be purchased from this website. Visit our Products page for more information

Vantage Knowledge Systems is part of the Greenstead Consulting Group.