BC’s Business Examiner to Host Free Occupier Training

The Business Examiner newspapers are hosting a series of free webinars conducted by Vantage Knowledge Systems, entitled What You Need to Know as a Commercial Tenant. The webinar is for small to medium sized businesses.

The webinars are scheduled at various days and times each month to allow for maximum scheduling flexibility.

During the webinar, attendees will learn about the leasing process, how to determine the right location and size of space, the various types of leases – from Gross to Carefree leases and much more.

“This is an important webinar for the independent business owner, because they are at a negotiating disadvantage when negotiating a commercial real estate lease. Typically, small business owners don’t have the same information as the landlord, who leases space all the time. This webinar starts to level the negotiating field,” stated Peter Morris CRX, SCLS, SCSM, SCMD the webinar leader and real estate expert. The free webinar is particularly valuable to the readers of these business publications and is a true value-added service offered by the Business Examiner.

Business Examiner readers will also receive a special discount code that can be used to purchase the Masterguide to Leasing for Occupiers program offered by Vantage Knowledge Systems.

The Business Examiner publishes 4 regional business newspapers in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

A similar program is available to other business publications across North America. To learn more simply use our Contact Us form found HERE