For Landlords

We provide a number of learning resources for landlords of all types of commercial real estate.

These include our ebook: Masterguide to Leasing for Retail Landlords™. Please click HERE for more information about this book. And the just released ebook Masterguide to Lease Administration™, a comprehensive guide to lease administration written by lease administration professionals from around the world. Read more click HERE.

We also provide live and downloadable seminar content based on the book. The Masterguide to Leasing for Retail LandlordsTM Training Program provides proven best practices in the lease negotiation process educating commercial real estate professionals about the latest trends in leases and little known techniques to enhance revenues while reducing enterprise risk. There are four parts to this training:

Part 1: The DNA of the Deal, consists of 3 important negotiating topics

Part 2: Negotiating Key Terms, outlines how to negotiate 5 key lease terms

Part 3: Negotiating the Lease Wording, reviews 5 other areas of the lease where value is created

Part 4: Special Considerations, exposes participants to leasing issues in green and mixed-use projects.

The concepts in the program are based on actual hands-on, practical experience leasing retail properties and not just theory or general business concepts. It is based on the experience of leasing over 5 million square feet of retail space throughout North America and administering to thousands of tenant leases crafted by dozens of North America’s leading landlords and tenants.

As one client aptly said: “I know what I know, but he knows what the global industry knows.”

Participants receive a copy of the ebook for future reference (a $299.00 value). Large group discounts are available, so please contact us to learn more by clicking HERE.

We also provide short course content related to various aspects of leasing and managing commercial space, including:

  • The Business Guide to Writing a Letter of Intent
  • How to Negotiate Rent Relief Requests
  • Tenant Retention Secrets
  • Understanding the Lease Audit Process
  • Year End Recoverable Cost Planning
  • Zero Based Budgeting Basics
  • How to Properly Conduct Acquisitions Due Diligence

And much more.

New content is always added and we can customize a learning program specific to your needs. Please contact us to learn more by clicking HERE.