For Occupiers

Vantage Knowledge Systems provides expert knowledge for occupiers of commercial space. You can register for a number of different options, including:

The Masterguide to Leasing for Occupiers™. This is a two part program that starts with our free webinar: What You Need to Know as a Commercial Tenant™. This is followed by our downloadable leasing course specific to one of the following asset classes: Retail Property, Office Property, or Industrial/Warehouse Property. You can refer to the material time and again so it is only a one time investment.

The course is based on the combined knowledge of leasing and administering to thousands of leases by dozens of top brand name companies. That collective knowledge simply isn’t available anywhere else.

You will learn:

  • How to negotiate 5 key business related lease terms including basic rent, percentage rent, recoverable charges, incentives (including allowances and free rent), and renewal options;
  • How to get the renewal options you deserve at the best lease rate;
  • How to structure your use clause and exclusive use arrangements;
  • How to obtain lease clauses that protect your business and reduce risk;
  • How to negotiate and get rent relief, if needed; and much more.

This affordable course can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the lease term. And once you complete the course we give you a list of 44 deductions and exclusions to the landlord’s standard operating expenses you must request, absolutely free. This list alone can save you more than the entire investment in our course.

Another option is our “Done With You” lease coaching as we stand shoulder to shoulder with you through the entire leasing process, working with you and giving you to obtain the best negotiation position and the best possible lease terms while reducing your risk. You get the all our expertise working exclusively with you. And because we are coaching you through the process we aren’t taking part of the leasing commission that would be paid to a real estate agent, so we are never in a potential conflict of interest.