For Realtors and Agents

Have you had clients ask you to help them:

  • Buy commercial property?
  • Sell a commercial building?
  • Lease vacant space in one of their existing properties?
  • Seek your help when leasing space from a landlord?

Are you concerned that you will make a mistake and hurt the relationship you’ve carefully built? Afraid that you won’t look knowledgeable? Concerned that you have to refer your client to someone who won’t do a good job – or worse – try to steal your clients.

Would you like to earn more by serving the client’s commercial needs?

You are not alone. People come to me with similar concerns every time I speak. So many have expressed those concerns and asked for my assistance that we are launching a brand new commercial real estate coaching platform just for people like you, called Masterguide CRE Coaching.

Here is How it Works

You will join a small group of up to six real estate professionals who, like you, want to know more about commercial real estate. Each week, for a nine week rotation, the group will meet by teleconference.

During each meeting the time is divided into two parts. In the first part we will discuss various aspects of the commercial real estate industry to add to your technical knowledge.

During the second half it will be your turn to ask questions, discuss current commercial transactions you may be working on and set out a personal action plan for the following week.

The Benefit of Group Calls

The second half of each meeting is the most valuable because you will have the opportunity to learn from each other’s questions and experiences. Rather than just 1 on 1 learning, you get 7 times more opportunities to expand your knowledge from the other participant’s experiences and questions. That is leveraging your time so you learn more, faster.

In addition to the meetings, you will have email support from me personally during the rotation, so you can deal with matters that can’t wait until the next meeting.


Our Community is only for our coaching participants. In this community you can asks questions, read informative white papers, discuss topics of interest, post and see listings and much more.

To enroll in our coaching simply BUY NOW.

Have you heard “practice makes perfect”? If you said YES, you are only half right. The greatest football coach of all time once said:

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

Vince Lombardi, NFL Coach


That is what we provide in the Masterguide CRE Coaching. Our Deliberate Practice coaching method is designed to have you concentrate on very specific skills so you can perform at the top level – just like elite athletes and artists – to win more business, perform better, build a better brand and make more money.

All our sessions are inspiring – even fun. And always informative with the goal of helping YOU become the best service provider possible.

Many of the things we talk about can also be applied to your residential business too so our Masterguide CRE Coaching provides even more and greater value and benefit.

What is your Investment?

A wise man once said “Do something today your future self will thank you for”. This is an investment in your business and yourself that will reap rewards. You will gain:

  • Confidence
  • Ability
  • Respect
  • Enthusiasm
  • Recognition
  • Self Esteem
  • Work Satisfaction
  • More Money

If I can steal from a popular ad, joining the Masterguide CRE Coaching has a small investment, getting all the rewards I just mentioned, plus access to our exclusive community – PRICELESS.

I firmly believe that the Masterguide CRE Coaching can pay for itself in just one successful commercial transaction. Just one. That is a 100% return and potentially many times more. And because you can start using the information and action plans immediately after the very first session, you may find that the Masterguide CRE Coaching paid for itself before the end of the nine weeks!

You get a lot of value for your investment, including:

  • Nine weekly group sessions
  • Email consultations with me personally during the rotation
  • Nine hours of exclusive information
  • A copy of the Masterguide to Leasing for Retail Landlords
  • A copy of our exhaustive and proprietary report 44 Deductions and Exclusions to Commercial Leases
  • Instruction on how to build your brand and develop your market niche,
  • Access to our exclusive and private community, and much more

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Remember that education and coaching are tax deductible expenses to your income!

The first Group starts soon, so sign up now.

Remember enrollment in this group is limited to a maximum of just 6 real estate professionals, so it is important to act now to get this exclusive Masterguide CRE Coaching program.

To enroll in this course, simply BUY NOW.

If you want to help clients who ask you to help them buy or sell commercial property or assist them in leasing space, then this is the program for you.

If you are concerned that you will make a mistake in commercial real estate and hurt the client relationship you’ve built or are afraid that you won’t look knowledgeable. Then you should sign up today.

If you are concerned that you have to refer your client to a commercial Realtor who won’t do a good job – or worse – try to steal your client, then you should invest in this program.

If you feel you aren’t earning what you could by serving clients commercial needs, then sign up now.

To enroll in this course, simply BUY NOW

Here is to your future!


Peter D. Morris CRX, SCLS, SCSM, SCMD

Greenstead Consulting Group