Masterguide Course to Leasing for Commercial Tenants

$499.00 + taxes

How to Negotiate the Best Real Estate Lease for Your Business

Product Description

In this four module, multi-unit online video course small to medium sized business owners learn how to level the negotiating field when dealing with their property landlords.

The Masterguide to Leasing for Commercial TenantsTM Training Program provides proven best practices in the lease negotiation process, reviews the latest trends in leases and little known techniques to negotiate the best possible deal while reducing the tenants’s risk.

The concepts in the program are based on actual hands-on, practical experience leasing commercial properties and not just theory or general business concepts. It is based on the experience of leasing over 5 million square feet of space throughout North America and administering to thousands of tenant leases crafted by dozens of North America’s leading landlords and tenants.

The entire program is completed online for your convenience. Each unit builds on the previous one to provide a complete understanding of a leasing process specifically benefiting property tenants, whether it is a retailer, an office tenant or warehousing operation. You gain skills and knowledge that can be implemented immediately.

Who should take this course?

Anyone who wants a lease, has a lease or helps tenants obtain a lease for commercial property, whether it is for a retail use, a restaurant, a lease in an office building or for a warehouse/ industrial space.