Occupiers Coaching and Workshop

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Our Best and Most Comprehensive Package to Help You Negotiate Better Leases, Save Money and Reduce Risk.


Product Description

The BEST Package for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are about to enter into a new lease, renew an existing lease or need to change the lease in some way, such as reducing the rent, assigning the lease or even terminating the lease.

75% of entrepreneurs attempt to negotiate a commercial real estate lease by themselves. This places you at a large disadvantage because the landlord negotiates leases all the time. The landlord knows what they can negotiate – if asked by the tenant. But most times you don’t know what to ask for, how much to ask for and how to position your negotiation for the best possible outcome.

This Occupiers Coaching Workshop is designed for you.

Here is what you receive!

Part 1 is our Masterguide to Leasing for Commercial Tenants program.

This is a multi-part online audio/visual workshop that gives you insider knowledge on lease negotiation strategies, tips and tactics. This levels the negotiating field.

You can take it at your own time wherever you have access to a computer.

As part of this workshop you also receive our exclusive list of over 40 deductions and exclusions to the landlord’s operating costs that should be negotiated into every lease.

Even a few of these can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in lease costs over the term of the lease.

Part 2 are group Coaching sessions.

Each week for three or six months, depending on the package you choose, you attend a live teleconference coaching session hosted by Peter D. Morris CRX, SCLS, SCSM, SCMD, a real estate expert who has personally leased over 5 Million square feet of commercial space including retail, office and warehouse/industrial space. You gain personal knowledge and attention to your questions by a real estate authority, who has worked with clients around the world including Canada, the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and Kuwait.

During each call you ask your questions and we review key coaching skills you can put into action immediately. It’s like having your own real estate expert on speed dial, working on your behalf, helping you through your leasing, lease negotiation and lease management issues.

Part 3 is Personal Email Support for 12 months.

Email Peter with your commercial real estate questions or issues for a full 12 months and receive a personal reply.

Part 4 is our Lease Management System.

You receive a ‘Lease Management’ version of your commercial real estate lease, created using our proprietary method. This version can make reading the lease less complicated and assists you in managing daily to day issues. We also store a copy of your original lease for safekeeping, so you are protected if need be.

As part of our Lease Management System we track critical lease dates and advise you of upcoming commitments. Many business owners who manage their own leases lose benefits they negotiated, such as an option to renew the lease, simply because they missed the date to notify the landlord. We solve that problem for you.

You receive the value of all four parts for just a small investment.

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Program Length

3 Month Program, 6 Month Program